How does it work?

Simply upload a text and place it in a category. Then just wait and the community will give you feedback on what you should text back.



Is this service free?

Absolutely. Just sign up and have fun!



Is my information hidden?

Yes. Unless you invite friends nobody will know it’s you, there is no search option.



How do I invite friends?

Once you upload a text you can pick and choose which friends can see the text and help you with the next text



Can I make my texts private?

Yes. You can allow only certain friends to see it and block if off from the rest of the community



What is a reputation?

When a user gets a thumbs up or is placed in the top 5 text responses they get reputation points. The higher the points the better the texter.



What happens after I get enough responses to my text?

The text gets resolved and is taken off our live text feed

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