Should I text him

Description of the conversation : He hadnt texted me for almost a week(unusual) I decided not to overreact and text him myself asking how it was going. No reply. Next day I call him, doesn't pick up only to reply straight away saying he apologised, he had just been very busy studying which is why he hasn't replied even though he loved my text to him. Today he called me, saying to call back, when I called back later this evening he apologised again saying he was too busy again
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11/16/2016 18:38Hey, I got your message just got back home. You can call me back x

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Guy I've been dating for the past 2 months

11/16/2016 18:38Too late sorry, I'm still revising xx

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11/16/2016 22:38***this is what I wanna text*** I see.. well gimme a call tonight if you don't finish too late x

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Call me

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