The Next Text was founded in 2011 by two friends who probably should’ve created it half a decade ago and saved the text obsessed masses from 5 years of accidental social suicide, unintentional relationship mishaps, over use of winking punctuation and general self destruction in 160 characters or less.

We text. We text a lot.

We analyze. We write. We punctuate and emoticon. We ask friends, strangers, and pets to properly explain the meaning of exclamation points.

And then we delete.

And have no idea what to write back.

This site is dedicated to creating a collaborative form where the interpretation of tone deficient texts and crafting of perfectly worded responses is left up to masses. The advice is diverse. The answers immediate. And the possibilities infinite. It’s a dating tool, a word finder, a best friend that supplies surprisingly perceptive guidance as opposed to the “I dunnos” of your flesh and blood counterparts.

It’s whatever you want it to be.

So sign up. Advise and seek in equal measure. And never again worry about what exactly you’re supposed to say next.

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