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Our last text to each other

We were intimate on the 1/8/16 He said he'd call me (but never said when)and didn't. I didn't like him saying he'd call me,it felt like he was lying ...


What to write?

We chatted about music, then I asked her hobbies. What to write next?


My Ex wants to get a cup of coffee

My ex wants to get coffee not sure if that's all she wants. I have a new GF and an scared to tell her too...


met a guy on tinder

I don't know if the guys really like me


I met a girl on Tinder she won't text me back its so annoying she is so hot!!!

I met her on tinder she started the convo but she wont write back! I think i love her. NAH! I am SURE i love her so much! Why wont she text me!!!! PLE...

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